If you take the time to look around the Internet, you’d be amazed at how many varieties of blogs exist are out there. There’s political ramblings, general humor, guys that get off to My Little Pony, underwater basket weaving–pretty much any material you could ever imagine has an entire website dedicated to it somewhere. Grouped in with all these diverse subjects, there it is: weight loss.

The other day I was looking through but a few of the countless weight loss blogs there are out there. I came across blogs with healthy recipes, blogs with food journals, and most consistently, blogs depicting the real struggles of getting healthy and losing weight. I started wondering to myself, why, with the freedom to write about anything you want, do people bother to blog about weight loss? Even though I don’t write exclusively about being healthy or losing weight, it’s an undertaking I do write about frequently. So I thought for any of those out there that were wondering (like I was) what the value is in spending time putting together words about the efforts of getting healthy, I thought I’d share with you my own reasons for blogging about weight loss.

I’ve always been a better written communicator than a verbal one, and writing has always been how I engage with ideas, including my own weird, bizarre, abstract thoughts. I’ve been blogging for a little less than two months now, and I’ve been making strides to be healthier and for about a year and two months. I’m not sure what changed at the one year mark, but I suddenly started feeling the urge to reflect about what it’s like going from being obese to being at a healthy weight. I think it took a year of eating right, of sweating, and of sore muscles for it all to finally feel real to me. If there’s one universal truth of weight loss I’ve learned: it’s personal. Sure, you have your friends, loved ones, or your personal trainer (if you have one) to rely on for support and motivation, but the lion’s share of the hard work and even harder decisions are matters that fall exclusively on you.

My one regret in documenting my thoughts about weight loss is that I wish I had started sooner. At this point in my journey of living healthy, the hardest days are behind me, so all I have to offer through my writing now is the clarity of hindsight. I wish I had seen the value in deliberating the uncertainty of losing weight, the days I wanted to give up and accept being overweight and unhealthy forever, the thrill of successfully doing the elliptical for an hour for the first time, and the indescribably joy of stepping on the scale and seeing success. These mini-lamentations and success stories while you’re still in the process are the heart of what weight loss feels like. I think having tangible proof of those struggles in your own words is invaluable; when you have the opportunity to look back on your own musings, your accomplishment will be worth even more to you. I wish I had realized that a year ago and spent more time venting my frustrations in Microsoft Word rather than containing it all in the recesses of my mind (or verbally abusing any unlucky person that crossed my path on a particularly stressful day).

I don’t think blogging about weight loss is about seeking praise. When I write my own posts about my weight loss, I often fear that people may read it and think I’m rubbing it in or that I’m seeking some kind of gratification for what I decided to do about my unhealthy lifestyle. I can’t express how much I appreciate any and all of the compliments I receive on these kinds of posts, but that’s not what this is about for me. I promise you that. When I browse other people’s blogs who are still working toward getting healthy, it honestly touches me, because their experiences bring me right back to where I started. Even though the bulk of my frustrations caused by weight loss (or lack thereof) are over now because I’m so close to my ideal weight, I’ve found there are new challenges waiting for me on the other side. It’s not over yet, even though it may look like for me it is. I’m not sure an “over” is even on the horizon.

I know I’ve mentioned this a million times before, but getting healthy is an endeavor that really couldn’t get any closer to you. No one can do this for you, and that’s a lot to take in sometimes. The act of getting healthy, as incredible as it makes you look and feel, will drive you a little (or a lot) crazy. Period. Writing is my psychiatrist’s sofa. It’s my therapy of choice. The fact that other people have access to my written epiphanies about specific weight loss episodes makes me appreciate that they happened in the first place even more. There’s something oddly comforting when you look at your site stats and see that someone read your most recent blog post. It’s reassuring how, if even for a second, someone else got to be there inside your jumbled thoughts with you.

I don’t write about weight loss to inspire people. When someone tells me that they find ANY of my posts inspiring, I feel humbled beyond belief. Who in their right mind could be inspired by little ol’ me? When I started this blog, I didn’t even anticipate mentioning my weight loss. I couldn’t have even told you a topic in that category that I’d write about even if I wanted to. I certainly never imagined I’d be so bold as to include before and after pictures within posts. In taking the opportunity to let my mind wander about weight loss and type my heart out, I’ve gotten a better understanding of the process. A lot of the realizations I’m coming to now are the truths about weight loss I wish I’d known months ago. It’s fulfilling to feel like I’m taking even more away from this experience than simply being healthier and thinner. The prospect of inspiring or motivating people along the way makes it even more worthwhile.

I’ve mentioned this in past posts (am I a broken record, or what?): weight loss throws a lot of change your way. Well, even in the midst of all that, writing has been my constant. It helps me make sense of things, Every time I write a little about weight loss I feel more appreciative of what I’ve accomplished, and I get even more excited about continuing what I’m doing.

So now you know what I get out of this. Why do you blog about weight loss, and even if you don’t, why do you blog in general?

23 thoughts on “Why Blog about Weight Loss?

  1. Personally, I think it’s courageous to put yourself out there and share with the world both your trials and triumphs. As you know, the world isn’t always kind, but your focus and dedication (not to mention your end resuls) has more people cheering for you and wishing you success. It also encourages other people to try it…and to realize they’re not alone in their struggles. 🙂

  2. I’ve been here since July blogging about my journey to get healthier and stronger in my life. “Because I Choose to LIVE!” Prior to the start of my journey..I was simply slowly killing myself with obesity.

    I’m not sure how we ended up finding each other’s blogs, Katie, but you have become a huge support for me and one of my top reads. Until reading this article of yours, it didn’t really occur to me that some day I can look back and be reminded of my hard work…the hard journey. It is embarrassing to put my pictures up and my numbers. There are people at my gym that follow me..they know it all now..no secrets here. At first I didn’t want anyone in my real life to know I blogged..but my trainer friend explained it is part of the healing process. So I posted the link on my FB. Now I have two friends that are losing weight because MY journey. Are you kidding me? I’m an absolute MESS! Don’t watch me or you might fall. Ha ha. So for me, it is accountability…it’s support…new friends….it is helping others learn to be strong and to NEVER give up.

    I’m SO addicted to this place…I am addicted to all of your blogs. Hello…my name is Sheila. 😉

    1. That’s amazing that your own efforts inspired some of those around you to do the same. For me, my reluctance about sharing everything really originated with being hesitant to let people read my own original writing (other then say, papers for college), and then to add the very personal matter of weight loss on top of it? Never in a million years would I have imagined that’s something I’d be writing about so honestly, but I’m glad I decided to take the chance the same way I took a chance with blogging in general. 🙂

  3. I’m actually inspired by the genuine honesty that comes through in the things I’ve read from you. You might be able to write about anything and if I read it I would be inspired just by the person behind the write and that she took the time to share kind sensitive intuitive humorous self with others.

  4. Hey 🙂 Wanted to let you know that I really admire your honesty. You are a brave girl, and an excellent writer. Thanks! 🙂

  5. Very good post!

    I started my blog so I could vent and be honest about my weight loss problems. I wanted to admit that I do have issues when it comes to losing weight and writing has ALWAYS been a way of expressing myself — an outlet for good and bad thoughts.

  6. I blog to get better as writer and let the workd know how fucking awesome I am. Even though I’ve never had a weight problem (I’ve done sports, military, and worked out since I’ve been 13) it’s great to see people who have reach their goals.

    1. Well, the whole “letting the world know how fucking awesome you are,” I think that’s a given. 😉 But yeah, weight trouble isn’t fun. I wish I’d never even been introduced to fast food and junk, but shit happens.

  7. People always say to write about what you know or love. And I would like to add that you should write about what you can imagine. Weight loss and overall health are not only things you know about but things that used to be a part of your imagination that have become real. And that’s fantastic, inspiring, and most definitely blogworthy! Personally, I blog because right now I am imagining a time when I have a good career and no longer have to stick it out in the glorious world of “the-customer-is-always-right”.

  8. I blog for the very reasons you listed…basically its a “if I only knew then, what I know now” cheat sheet for anyone who’s interested in finding different ways to get through life. Thanks for your well written and thoughtful blog. 🙂

  9. You’re a very good writer. It’s nice to find a blog with so much thought put into spelling, grammar and style!

    For what it’s worth I blog about weight loss simply to motivate myself. Statistics show that recording your food intake each day can make a massive difference to your dieting success and so I figured that documenting it AND publishing it would be doubly effective. It’s kind of nice to have somewhere to chart your progress too. I’ve never had any ambitions to reach an audience, I just wanted my daily struggle to be public so my regular updates somehow seemed validated. Although they’re entirely for my own benefit, the concept of writing updates for nobody else makes me think I’d lose motivation quicker than by writing to an (admittedly mostly imagined) audience.

    It’s one thing to let yourself down by failing to post your latest update, but letting down your readers is a different thing all together!

    1. Why thank ya! 🙂

      I mentioned this above, but I really do wish I had written more while I was really in the actual process of losing weight. I think it definitely would have lightened the load a little and given me something really great to look back on it from where I am now. I can’t tell you how surprised I was when I started blogging to see all the weight loss blogs. I feel like I missed out on something, now.

  10. I blog, and have been for ten years, because if I don’t, my head will explode. Honestly, I can’t talk to my family about all of this stuff. I just have to get it out. It’s like literary bulimia. I like having a record, a frame of reference that spans years.

    I used to journal on fitday.com but it drove me nuts that the journal was sequential and not searchable. I feel that all of those years of dieting and exercise, all of my revelations along the way were just lost.

    That makes me sad, because I really screwed up during those years, dieting myself into sickness and three surgeries. I’d like a reminder of what NOT to do.

  11. I blog because I feel like for years I have been wasting two gifts I have. One, my gift of humor and 2 my gift of writing. I have been writing a novel for years and only the people that have ever read my novel are two people in my writing group. Blogging is out there for everyone. When I went to a writers conference I realized that I have a great sense of humor and I am not using it in my life at all. Since all most people see of me is bitter(see co-workers) I decided to start my blog about bitterness but make it funny. Thus the three conveged and I have loved it ever since.

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