He’s workin’ it!

With Halloween looming on the horizon, I think it’s time we acknowledged the longevity and versatility of one spooky, time-honored fashion staple that looks great on men and women alike: the Freddy Krueger sweater.

Who knew that while Freddy was running around slashing people and delivering some of the all time worst one-liners the horror genre has ever seen that he’d be making a name for himself not only as a mass murderer, but also as a veritable fashion icon!

The color-blocked, striped sweater, first made famous by Mr. Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street back in 1984, is a cold weather must-have for every wardrobe. Not only is the Freddy Krueger sweater warm and comfortable enough to wear while killing people in their dreams, it also looks super chic with a pair of skinny jeans and riding boots! This cozy sweater is perfect for layering, too. Throwing your Freddy Krueger sweater over a plaid button-down is one unexpected, but not scary, way to make this classic look your own.

The Freddy Krueger sweater has stood the test of time because of the wide variety of ways you can accessorize it. Think about coordinating your version of this timeless classic with a printed scarf, a brown fedora, or your favorite razor-covered glove–the possibilities are truly endless!

Even though Freddy made the red and green striped sweater his personal trademark, don’t be afraid to push the envelope and find one in colors that complement your own personal style. With so many killer color options, there’s definitely a Freddy Krueger sweater out there for everyone.

This year, don’t let Halloween pass without getting your very own Freddy Krueger sweater–they’re to die for this season!

21 thoughts on “The Freddy Krueger Sweater

  1. Even the pic of him scares me. I used to have nightmares about this guy after watching the movies (or as much of them as I could manage) back in the day. The scariest part was when the kids would fall asleep but not realise it, and then sit on the toilet and he would reach up through the toilet and eat them. This made me constipated for the longest time. No, seriously, scary though. I will be very scared if I see anyone dressed in this costume, near or in the vicinity of a urinary convenience.

    1. Hahahahahaha! That was the worst! The night after I’d watch this movie whenever I’d start to feel my eyelids getting heavy I’d always think, “Oh shit, this is it.” I don’t even really get scared by horror movies that easily, but whenever I watch them I always have these temporary irrational thoughts.

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