There are certain debates civilization has clashed over for decades: boxers vs. briefs, chocolate vs. vanilla, chicken vs. egg, shaken vs. stirred–but none of these is more divisive or polarizing than The Great Peeps Debate.


Every year around Easter-time, these adorable marshmallow confections line the shelves of grocery stores. Their presence is met with either celebration or overwhelming ridicule. I know Peeps politics is a sensitive issue, so I’m going to try to take an unbiased approach. Many people find themselves on one specific end of the Peeps spectrum: either you love ’em, or you’d rather eat throw up. …Maybe that’s a little extreme, but you get my point.

Those in the Pro-Peeps camp delight in eating box after box of these chick or bunny goodies. For breakfast in the morning, Peeps with orange juice. In the afternoon? A BLP sandwich: bacon, lettuce, and Peeps. And for dinner, Peeps primavera. Those in the Peeps affirmative camp are hardcore. During their Peeps-enduced high you’ll likely see them stealing Easter baskets, snorting lines of the pink or yellow sugar left over from the bottom of the Peeps box, and hoarding dyed eggs for no apparent reason.

For as much as the pro-Peeps people become full-blown addicts with these treats, the anti-Peep Party is adamant in their hatred. You’ll find them on their soapbox, telling the Pro-Peeps people that Peeps go against God. They delight in telling the Pro-Peeps people what sweets they should and shouldn’t love–wait, I might be confusing the Anti-Peeps Party with a different party. Rewind.

The Anti-Peeps Party goes out of their way to spread their negative Peeps message. They cite the research that found Peeps to be just about indestructible. They mention the inevitable stomachache that follows eating 12 boxes of Peeps. They assert their superiority over the Peeps-obsessed for their lack of self-control when faced with sugary, pastel-colored, marshmallowy farm animals. While smoking a piece of celery like a cigar, the anti-Peeps mention things like health and being cavity-free, as if those issues are remotely important.

I think Fannie May is a Chicago thing, which is a shame for the rest of the world.Source
I think Fannie May is a Chicago thing, which is a shame for the rest of the world.

I think the pro-Peeps and the anti-Peeps need to put their differences aside. Peeps aren’t for everyone, but what makes the world a truly beautiful place is how we, as human beings, can appreciate each other’s differences when it comes to sweets.

If you want to know my opinion, I don’t feel strongly enough about Peeps to love or hate them. I could take ’em or leave ’em. In a social situation if I was presented with a Peep, I would accept it if I was in a Peep kind of mood. Will I go out and buy Peeps with the sweatpants-wearing, often bra-less or mulleted Walmart people? No way.

I’ve always been a chocolate bunny or cream egg kinda gal. …Do not LOOK and for your love of all that is delicious do not TOUCH my chocolate bunny or my cream eggs. I will cut you.

48 thoughts on “The Great Peeps Debate

  1. I likes me some Cadbury creme eggs too!! I’ll eat a Peep every year just because it’s sort of a tradition now. In fact, brace yourself…I saw somewhere (probably on FB from Pinterest as most things are) that you can take peeps, cram them into a jar and fill it with vodka to make your own peep infused vodka. Apparently, flavored vodka is very in!

    This could either be really really good stuff or a major let down…

    1. People are always flavoring vodka with things now. What kind of Peeps-alcoholic would even imagine such a thing?!

      One of my best friends likes the Cadbury’s. I don’t see the big fuss over those, either. I mean, I’d eat ’em, but they’re no Fannie May.

      1. Well, I guess not. I suppose it doesn’t matter. You eat enough of what you like, and you’ll get there, picky or not, hahaha.

  2. I love peeps but am afraid they might kill me now. I almost ate one (box or ten) the other day and stopped myself because my rational side interfered. (stupid rational side) It reminded me that they are all sugar and that will be bad for me. I long for the days when I was a kid and eating candy was just for funsies. All parents prided themselves in how much candy their kids could shovel in on Easter morning. I heard that Jesus had peeps at the last supper. ๐Ÿ™‚ So I think I will have to enjoy at least one of these treats before Sunday is over. I prefer the yellow although the pink are good too. Also I find the chicks more tasty than the rabbits.

    1. You’ve done all kinds of taste-testing on these! I never thought that they could taste different. It must have something to do with surface area? The ratio of marshmallow to sugar coating per bite? I would have assumed the pink would taste better…

      1. You would think so, but I have done some significant testing. I think it takes more sugar to make the yellow, or perhaps the dye they use for yellow has a kick of its own. Brilliant idea Katie. You were right, I have asked a number of people today about peeps and it was all love/hate!

      2. Aha! That’s why the color makes a difference. It’s all coming together, now.

        These Peeps are a sensitive subject! It might be even touchier than gay marriage or religion.

      3. No kidding! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have to be careful when I sneak a couple peeps on Sunday. I don’t want to be chastised too harshly, or to be a social outcast. ;-(

      4. ๐Ÿ™‚ It has been awhile since I had seen one of those! I used to love those as well, back in the day. I used to get so mad at people who emptied the egg before coloring it. Where is the fun in that? To quote Gollum, “Eggsssssses” If you say that in a Gollum voice it is fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I, too, am peep indifferent. I find them cute to look at, though, and as much a part of Easter celebration as jelly beans, Jordan almonds and all the other confections that come out. Hubby is huge on those Reece’s eggs. Me? I like them chocolate-y in almost any yum-tasting variation. In fact, that Trinidad egg picture you put up has me drooling!

    1. Oh the Trinidad eggs… I love those. Honestly, the only Fannie May cream eggs I DON’T like are the ones with the fruit and nut filling. Quit playin’ and give me the vanilla buttercream, chocolate, or raspberry.

      Everyone seems to love the Reese’s, but I don’t really get that either. I’m not a big peanut butter fan.

  4. Hahahaa! Peep strippers!
    I’m like you, a neutral-peeper. I do love those chocolate bunnies! But I feel so bad eating the head off first (ease the pain quickly), and it just gets weird once I get to the butt area.

    1. I liked your take better. That’s why I only liked yours and didn’t comment: I was jealy.

      I’m sorry your daughter was claimed by the dark side.

  5. Thank heavens for living on the other side of the Atlantic. Have not seen or heard of these things before. We’ll just stick to chocolate. (What more could you want?)

  6. “Iโ€™ve always been a chocolate bunny or cream egg kinda gal. โ€ฆDo not LOOK and for your love of all that is delicious do not TOUCH my chocolate bunny or my cream eggs. I will cut you.”
    You’re pretty scary for such a cutie pie….

    1. Oh, I don’t play around when it comes to my sweets. I like to think I’m pretty generous, but when it comes to desserts and chocolate anythings? I will mess someone up.

    1. Just thinking about them kind of makes me want to puke. Because with Peeps, it’s never “just one.” I’d rather get sick off of chocolate bunnies.

  7. It’s not Easter unless I get a dark chocolate marshmallow egg. Peeps, I could take em or leave em. But they’re fun to blow up in the microwave.

  8. I always (ALWAYS) horrify myself with how quickly I can eat Peeps. It’s like I suffer immediate memory loss after eating one. MUST. EAT. ANOTHER. They do not satiate my sugar hunger at all.

  9. I’m Anti-Peep… but my Mom is totally Pro-Peep. We got her a membership to the official Peeps Club one year. She got a certificate and a shirt, surprisingly no peeps. She’ll put them in the microwave turning them into giant mutant peeps. And we have Fannie May here in the Quad Cities too, chocolate crack.

    1. Oh gosh, Fannie May kills me on Easter. …Really any holiday. I think I’ve gained six pounds just this past weekend.

      About your mom, did you know they make special Peeps arrangements? You can arrange it so that once a month a heinous combination of Peeps and Flowers arrives in bouquet right at your mom’s doorstep!

  10. It’s not that I hate them, it’s just that I think the world would be a better place if they were all microwaved. And then never made again.

    I don’t think that’s too unreasonable… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Ha! I’m telling you, this microwave business is all news to me. Maybe now that Easter’s over and they’re all on sale, I’ll do some Peeps torture.

      1. They expand and then explode, coating everything in a film that is next to near impossible to scrub off. If you do try it, have the soap and water ready. Haha

      2. Oh wait, hold up, it makes a mess? Forget it. I can’t be bothered to clean that. No amount of Peeps torture is worth having a mess to clean.

    1. I’ve heard that they don’t have them over there! You guys are missing out.

      Or, depending on your point of view, you’re not missing anything at all. Except cavities.

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