Lay’s potato chips used to be one of my staple junk foods, and the reason for their success isn’t their company name’s likeness to Jays (a lesser potato chip company distributed in the Midwest), it’s because they’re innovators committed to finding new ways to tempt us into eating greasy, delicious garbage from a convenient, perpetually-only-half-filled bag. What sets Lay’s apart from all the other potato chip companies is their commitment to experimentation—I’m talking about the Do Us A Flavor contest.

The Do Us A Flavor contest is a tournament where real people send in the potato chip flavors of their dreams. Lay’s selects a special few of these flavors to be produced and sold in select stores, and once you’ve tasted them all, you can vote for your favorite to become part of the regular flavor line-up right alongside veterans like sour cream and onion.

It sounds perfect, except for one little hiccup: people are disgusting. Don’t get me wrong, there have been some genius flavors submitted in the past…

You're a modern hero, Christina.
You’re a modern hero, Christina.

But the current Do Us A Flavor choices leave something to be desired (flavor, to start):


Do you understand what this means? Of all the food items to flavor potato chips, the four standout submissions were cheddar bacon mac & cheese, cappuccino, mango salsa, and wasabi ginger. I mean, were their competitors stale bread, liver, and pig’s tongue? Who are these individuals that thought cappuccino and wasabi ginger belong in a chip? What’s their story? Have they endured a painful taste bud incident? PEOPLE, THIS WAS OUR CHANCE TO MAKE A LASTING IMPRESSION ON THE WORLD! I don’t know if I can live in a society where someone is perfectly okay with mango salsa potato chips being their legacy. I didn’t even know anyone even liked mango salsa that much. This is madness.

Because I’m so taken aback by how creative these flavors sound (by creative I mean unique and by unique I mean gross), I started thinking about flavors that I would recommend for Lay’s next Do Us A Flavor contest (I promise there are no coffee products or obscure salsas). Here are 20 of them that I think could completely revolutionize the snack aisle:

  1. Egg bagel with Cream Cheese – Because egg is the most underrated bagel flavor, that’s why.
  2. Chicken Quesadilla and Sour Cream – We’ve clearly mastered sour cream, let’s just add in a chicken quesadilla now.
  3. Broccoli Cheddar Soup – I’m not asking for any bread bowl flavor, just give me that soup in a bag.
  4. Grilled Cheese Sandwich – This has the potential to change the world.
  5. Hardboiled Egg – Just imagine eggs in delicious, salty chip form. (I like eggs.)
  6. Caesar Salad – Anything to make salad  less healthy is a step in the right direction.
  7. Au Gratin Potatoes – You’ll never burn the roof of your mouth again!
  8. Turkey Stuffing – WE NEED THIS IN A CHIP. NOW. This would be a great solution for redneck Thanksgivings, too.
  9. Orange Chicken – Because sometimes you’re too lazy to even order Chinese.
  10. Chicken Parmesan – For when you don’t want to place a solo order for Olive Garden carryout.
  11. Bratwurst – You’ll never need to grill again.
  12. Homemade Meatloaf – I would eat meatloaf chips all day.
  13. Pumpkin Ravioli – Bet you weren’t expecting that one, but I think this would be a hit in fall when the pumpkin spice frenzy returns.
  14. Coleslaw – Maybe this would taste less shitty as a potato chip.
  15. Lamb and Chorizo – Don’t give me that look; I promise it’s not Mary’s little one.
  16. Quinoa – Let’s try and get those health nuts to cross over to the trans fats side.
  18. Carmelized Onion – Lay’s can partner with Tic-Tac for this campaign.
  19. Filet Mignon with Blue Cheese – This may cause a stir, but I demand the flavor be medium-well.
  20. Swordfish – Some people like fish. Plus, I’m sure we could mock-up a really cool package for these.

21 thoughts on “20 Flavor Suggestions for Lay’s Potato Chips

  1. I cannot think of anything less appetizing than the taste of cappuccino coupled with the texture of a potato chip. Where are the churro flavored chips, pray tell? INQUIRING MINDS MUST KNOW.

  2. Great list! You are right about some of the entries. I like lime flavored chips so I would try the mango salsa chip. But heck no to the cheddar bacon Mac n cheese. It makes me think of those Chicken in a Bisket crackers my mom loved to buy. Ugh

  3. I’m guilty. I tried the bacon mac and cheese and all it tastes like is plain bbq chips. No big deal if you ask me. Just a fancy name and it looks like they’re trying. I’ll be honest… I’m not trying any others. A cappuccino chip? Really? To dunk in our coffee in the morning? GROSS! Good post!!

  4. A friend of mine did small facebook report of all the flavors. Apparently Bacon Mac and Cheese tastes most like a super cheddar chip. (aka it is not so bad) the Cappuccino taste like french toast in a chip form. Wasabi Ginger is supposed to be really good (for a crappy chip she gave it s 7/10) and Mango Salsa isn’t worth the time and energy.

    I voted on some of these in the earlier round. And there were some that sounded REALLY good. I’m surprised none of them made it to the final four. 😦

  5. I think more needs to be done with the dessert category. Even Pringles had white chocolate, cinnamon and pecan pie flavors.

  6. I am STILL beyond aghast that they chose Cheesy Garlic Bread over Sriracha. Was tempted to take up a campaign & storm their flavorless headquarters but then I remembered my sanity. It’s a chip for Cripe’s sake. The underlying problem is that the majority of Americans have bad taste and are afraid to expand their flavor-horizons.

    They really should get Andrew Zimmern to propose some options there… (slightly terrifying, but anything to kill that Cheesy Garlic Bread “winner”!)

    I would, however, vote for your Chicken Quesadilla and the Lamb & Chorizo flavors! I literally felt kinda stabby when I saw that bag of CAPUCCINO chips on the shelf (seriously – why not make a vanilla-chai flavor while you’re at it! Ew!!)

  7. The flavors they pick are always… interesting. I’ve actually never been a fan of the user-submitted flavors but my taste buds are pretty boring. Though I would totally eat the Thanksgiving stuffing one you suggested…

  8. We have a similar competition in the UK and we ended up with Cajun Squirrel once – I don’t know many people who would be able to confirm if they really managed to nail that flavour!

  9. I saw the Cappuccino chips in the store just yesterday. My first thought was “Why on earth would ANYONE want to eat that?” Probably not what they were hoping for, I’m guessing. Thanks for the fun post!

  10. Egg flavoured crisps, are you mad?? Think of the stink that would come out of the bag when you opened it!

    We’ve had turkey and stuffing flavoured crisps here in the UK for a while now.

  11. Love the suggestions! Had me laughing all the way to the garbage can to throw away my Bacon Mac & Cheese chips. Where’s the bacon flavor? All of the above just HAVE to be better. Thanks

  12. If you make this chip in a wavey chip and create it with some love it will be your best selling chip of all time. “Candied Yams”

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