I’ve endured my share of holiday stocking shock over the years, so I’m excited to share with you some clever, quirky stocking stuffers in this sponsored post written by me for Uncommon Goods. All opinions are my own.


Finding the perfect stocking stuffer or small gift (under $50) can be difficult, because after too many years of holiday shopping, we’ve all gotten jaded and have settled into our regular rotation of boring gifts that we turn to when the holiday shopping gets tough. Even worse, we succumb to the temptation of the End-Cap Trap. We see 50% off binoculars, a cheap thermos, or some weird electronic gadget that will break after one use, and in a moment of holiday desperation, we think, “That’s a great stocking stuffer!” But it never is. Luckily, Uncommon Goods is armed with unique stocking stuffers and a variety of gifts under $50 to combat the season’s most notorious boring gifts.

1. Instead of a sweater with no gift receipt, substitute The Mug With a Hoop ($24).


Great for kids, adults, basketball fans, and mug aficionados alike, who doesn’t want to shoot marshmallows or oyster crackers through a hoop? This 12 oz., dishwasher safe mug is great for hot cocoa, soup, and even cereal. The best part? The giftee will definitely use it more than the sweater you thought he or she would love.

2. Instead of an obscure kitchen gadget required for use in less than 3% of recipes get the Classic Cocktails Towel ($14).



Cocktails > an egg separator. Some of the most popular cocktails (like margaritas, mojitos, Moscow mules, and many more) can be found on this bar/kitchen towel, which is lot more convenient than Googling how much bourbon goes in a Manhattan every single time. (Note: this is also a great gift for the person who’s always making you weak drinks. Put your trust in the towel.)

3. Instead of scented candles that may only smell appealing to you, give the Couch Guestbook ($15).


So you want to give the gift of something unique and quirky for the home, and the first thing that came to mind was a three-wick vanilla candle. This is why I’m here to help. The Couch Guestbook is exactly what it sounds like: a guestbook for your couch. It’s a great addition to any coffee table and a lifesaver when you’re hosting guests and the conversation takes a turn for the awkward. With space that allows guests to admit if they’ve searched the cushions, a blank area to illustrate their couch thoughts, and a couch potato spectrum they can fill in, this is a great gift for anyone who entertains frequently.


4. Instead of an electronic nose hair trimmer, give the Open Sesame! Password Reminder Book ($13).


Eight characters, must contain an uppercase letter, a symbol, and a Democratic president’s middle name—it’s tough keeping all our passwords straight. This nifty little alphabetized book keeps its owner’s entire Internet existence in one convenient place. With spaces for the account, username, hint, and password, the recipient can decide how much information he or she writes down. Maybe “First dog combined with my favorite number, pound sign, underscore, and my favorite color” is enough to jog his or her memory. Take it from me: suggesting someone has a bad memory is always preferable to suggesting that someone has a nose hair problem.


5. Instead of a fancy shmancy, personalized pen, wrap up the Health, Wealth, & Love Wishbone ($26).


If you’re looking for a heartfelt gift that isn’t too cheesy, this is it. This pewter paperweight takes any desk to the next level, but it could also look beautiful hanging on the wall or above a doorway. It’s perfect for someone who’s starting a new chapter in his or her life – like having a baby, getting married, saving money on car insurance, etc. – or just needs a little reminder that all the good things are coming his or her way. Not to mention, it looks way better than a monogrammed pen. (PS: If someone would like to gift me one of these, I wouldn’t be opposed.)

End stocking shock this holiday season. Who on your list would these stocking stuffers be perfect for?

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Uncommon Goods.

12 thoughts on “Uncommon Goods to Replace the Season’s Most Notorious Bad Gifts

    1. I know! It’s one of those places that you spend a solid hour clicking through every single page and making a list of everything you want for yourself (and to a lesser extent, the people you actually have to buy gifts for).

    1. I have this vision of me having the Couch Guest Book and filling it all in myself using different handwriting and fake names so it looks like I have guests.

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